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hype yer diapers

shake that healthy butt/ baby got cloth
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this is your cloth diapering headquarters on livejournal. whether your junior rebel kicks it in pinned prefolds or the swankiest organic velour hyena dipe around, you know you wanna talk about it and you know we wanna hear. show off pictures of your kiddos and creations, trade and sell your stash, and get tips on washing, sewing, knitting and everything else that only us cloth gurus know the lowdown on.

this community encourages disscusions. let's talk about work at home moms and how they impact the economy and comsumerism. that's right, let's hear it for wah-feministas breaking the mama mold and redefining modern families! let's talk about low-impact comsumerism and how, in that regard, cloth diapering is a political act. let's celebrate and support those distributing diapers made from organic and/or fair trade materials whenever we can, and let's talk about what "organic" and "fair trade" mean. lets' deconstruct oppression and talk about why it's fucked up to buy diapers made from fabric with cowboys on it, and why painted pony diapers and kanji diapers should only be worn by native and aisian babies, respectivly. cultural appropriation is just plain wrong, mamas. let's talk about why.

cussing is allowed in this community as long as it's not directed at another member. if this offends you, check your shit or don't join. what isn't allowed is mom-on-mom judgement around issues like feeding, clothing and diapering babies. no cutting down moms who formula feed, use sposie diapers, utilize daycare, etc. we mamas take enough shit from folks outside our demographic and we don't need to be perpetuating it.

also, this comminty is anti-oppression. this means no racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, ableism, or any other discrimination. this community is absolutly pro-reproductive choice with no equivocations.

that all being layed out, have at it, mamas! hype yer diapers!